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Infosys Placement Paper Aptitude Questions

18 June 2009 9,038 views One Comment

Infosys Placement Paper Questions
Aptitude / Reasoning objective type – multiple choice questions. Latest Sample RS Aggarwal and Barons Placement Test Problems.
IF rose code as 6786 hot coded as 879 then search will code asin this q there is one no. is assigned t each letter.so take search and letter by letter see the given condition.

2.600,180,54………..complete the series.

3.sedane:pain :: solace:……..ans: grief.

4.play:director :: newsans: editor.

5.river:dam :: traffic(a)signal (b)motin (c)vehicle (d)

6.find the greatest no. (a)half 50%of 50 (b)3times 40%of 40see the obtion & place 3times 40% of 40 blindly.

7.find the compound interest of 1000 rs. at the rate of 5% p.a. for 15 years.

8.find the greatest of 1000power of 1000,1001power of 999

9.product of two no is constt. if one no. is increased by 50% then other no is decreased how much.ans: 33.3

10.l.c.m & h.cf of two no is 84 & 21 respectively and the ratio of these two no is 1:4 findthe gretest no ans: 84 place blindly.

11.if x is 90% of y then y is how much % of x.

12.the cost of 15 apples & 20 mangoes is much as equal to the 15 mangoes & 20 apple then what is the relation between their cost..(a)apple is as much equal as mangoes.place blindly (a) obtion.

13.there r 20 men and 5 women then how much maximum couple can be made…..ans: 20c1*5c1=100. place 100 blindly.

14.a bag contains 8 white and 6 black balls find the prob. of drawing a white ball….ans: 4/7 place blindly.

15.if numerator is less than 2 by denominator and then if 1 is subtract from the numerator and 1 is added to the denominator then the ratio becomes half what is the no…..ans: 5/7 place blindly.

16.if a certain money becomes twice in 5 years.then the 300 rs. will become 2400 at the same rate in howmany years……..

17.if the average of three numbers is 135.and the difference between others is 25 then find thelowest no.

18.if the thrice of three consecutive odd no is equal to the more three of twice the last no.then find the 3rd (largest odd no).ans: 11.

19.there are 5 questions in each of the two section.three questions must be attempt forpassing the exam how many ways a student will choose the questionans: 100 place blindly.

20.if the lenght of the rectangle is decreased by 4 and breath is increased by 3.then it becomes sqaurewhose areas is equal to that of rectangle.what is the perimeter of the original rectangle.

21.there is a hemisphere of radius of 2 cm how much litre will be occupied in the hemisphere.given 1 litre= 1000 cubic cm.

22.there is a water tank which has enough water to be consumed in 60 days.if there is a leakage water stays there for 40 days.if there are more similar leakage then how lomg water will consumed.

23.a man saves money 1000 in each year.and he gives this amount at the end of year for the compound interest at the rate of 5% how much he will save after 25 years.

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  • raman said:

    Hi ,
    What about the cube questions ,,ie. cube is cut into pieces and all
    that is the pet question of INFOSYS.

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