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Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL) Placement Paper 2010-11

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The written test paper usually has the following 5 sections.

General knowledge

Reasoning and mental ability

Quantitative aptitude


Technical Questions


1. After 10 years A will be twice the age of B before 10 years. And now if the difference is 9 years between them then what is the age of B after 10 years?

2. Praveen’s present age is twice that of Mahesh’s age 4 yrs ago. Praveen would be twice as old as Mahesh today. Find sum of their present ages?

3.4 years from now, parkas’ age will be 4 times his son’s age.12 years from now; he will be 2.5 times his son’s age. Find their present ages?

4. There are 76 persons. 53 can read Hindu, 46 can read times, 39 can read Deccan and 15 can read all. If 22 can read Hindu and Deccan and 23 can read Deccan and times then what is the number of persons who read only times and Hindu?

5.In pure milk if 20% replaced by water and in this again 20% is replaced by water and again 20% is replaced by water then what is the proportion of milk in that mixture?

6. A 2 digit number is formed by either subtracting 16 from 8 times the sum of the digits or by adding 20 to 22 times the difference between differences of digits. Find the number?

7. It takes 16 days for 24 men to plough 15 acres of land, the how many days would be required for 32 men to plough 30 acres of land? In how many ways can a lock be opened if that lock has three digit number lock if) the last digit is 9 ii) and sum of the first two digits is less than or equal to the last digit.

8. If the numerator and denominator of a certain fraction are increased by 2, the fraction becomes 3/5. If numerator and denominator are increased by 1, it becomes 1/2. Find the fraction?

9.  The cost of 4 apples is equal to the selling price of 6 apples. find the profit/loss percentage?

10. The cost of 2 balls,3 bats and 8 pair of gloves is 2500. While cost of 4 balls, 5 bats and 10 pair of gloves is 4000.Find cost of each bat?

11. From a 20 l mixture containing milk and water in the ratio 3:5, 4 liters of mixture is replaced with 4 liters of water .Then what is the final ratio of milk and water?

12. Nikhil bought 12 kg of cashew for Rs.360.He was forced to sell them at a loss of as much money as the selling price of 3kg.find his selling price? Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL) Placement Paper Pattern

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